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We specialise in Bonny light crude oil (BLCO), Liquefied natural gas (LNG), LPG, Jet Fuel (A-1), TS-1 (JP54), D2, D6, Iron Ore, Coal Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Bank Guarantees (BGs), Medium Term Notes (MTNs), Long Term Notes (LTNs), International Bills of Exchange (IBOEs), Bonds, Private Placement Programmes (PPP), FX - Currency Exchange (EURO - USD - HKD - CNY-BRL), Gold (Bullion) and other commodities. We source these commodities and resources from a variety of regions throughout the world. Crude oil is sourced mainly from Africa, Middle East and Europe. We have the capacity to supply crude oil of large quantities.
SQL Central has well established connections worldwide and through its suppliers is able to offer its clients large quantities of valuable commodities and products at very competitive prices.
We have trade links with the importers, exporters, distributors, traders and wholesalers around the world. We endeavour to supply any product or commodity provided it is a substantial and ongoing business venture.
We are confident our clients will find our prices and our ability to ensure continuity of supply are first class.

Our Commodities

crudeoil Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) is sourced mainly from Africa. We have genuine sellers with verifiable credentials.

We understand that the crude oil market is complex. SQL Central offers a transparent and pro-active approach that keeps you informed through every step of the transaction.

Bonny light oil is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil with high API gravity (low specific gravity), produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the region around the city of Bonny. Nigeria is one of the largest producer of crude oil. The very low sulphur content of Bonny light crude oil makes it a highly desired grade for its low corrosives to refinery infrastructure and the environmental impact of its by-products in refinery effluent. Bonny light crude oil is considered to be one of the best crude oil in the world because it is easy to refine as a result of its low sulphur content.

A lot of buyers around the world are interested in Bonny light crude oil. At times, identifying the right seller can be difficult. Finding a verifiable seller in the Bonny light crude oil market is quite simple when you are dealing with the right people. Getting a genuine crude oil seller might be very difficult to some buyers because some people will be claiming to have products to sell where they do not. Our due diligence processes can save you a lot of time and reassurance when dealing with registered companies and commodity transactions.

It is our aim to assist serious buyers to talk to genuine sellers directly, through us. Some of our BLCO associates have their own refineries while others resell to refineries and major consumers. We invite GENUINE off - Opec allocation title holders from NNPC to contact us as we have GENUINE, capable buyers waiting to do business.

Engage our specialist team of people at SQL Central. We are your gateway to dealing with authorised sellers of Bonny light crude oil hassle free.

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LNG Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is sourced mainly from Africa. We have genuine sellers with verifiable credentials. Africa is now a large liquefied natural gas exporter with one West African country alone exporting 18 million tonnes. There is good potential for new domestic and international markets.

One West African nation is ranked the world's eighth-largest gas reserves. It has one of the world's largest LNG plants. With Germany increasing its involvement in the nation’s LNG exploration and the German government having announced its intention to keep offline permanently eight nuclear plants, which contribute around 40 percent of Germany's nuclear capacity, and to shut all remaining plants by 2022 there will be an increase in demand for gas.

Liquefied natural gas is one of the three main fossil fuels behind coal and oil. The third fossil fuel, gas, is often called natural gas to distinguish it from gases that are manufactured by humans.

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Daimonds Diamonds We have genuine buyers with strong interest and financial capacity to purchase diamonds.

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crudeoil Coal are sourced mainly from Africa, North America, Asia and South America. We have genuine sellers with verifiable credentials. Africa still holds large coal reserves with one West African country’s coal reserves alone estimated to be at least 2 billion metric tons. The discovery of bituminous coal suitable for use in coke production for the iron and steel industries opens up potential for both new domestic and international markets.

Our mining and mineral partners in Africa, Asia and North America can satisfy your coal needs.

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gold Gold We have genuine buyers with strong interest and financial capacity to purchase Gold bullion.

Gold is used as a standard for monetary exchange, in coinage and in jewellery. The gold content of gold alloys is measured in carats (k), pure gold being designated as 24k.

With the price of gold soaring to nearly US$2,000 per ounce, there has never been a better time to sell your gold. We prefer sellers with Assay report.

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Export ventures

crudeoil SQL Central works with organisations and businesses in Africa who need a range of business items which are not readily available to them in their region.

We seek a range of items, but not limited to

  • New & used heavy duty, commercial printing machines (offset) eg. Heidelberg printer link pdf
  • General printing machines, parts and accessories
  • Executive office furniture and furnishings View PDF
  • Marble and tiles

We engage and connect businesses to enable the export of items to fulfil a need and a considerable gap in the market. Businesses in Africa can leverage their business development and growth by obtaining these items.

Our Associates in Asia offer strategic opportunities to enable us to cater for the market demands in Africa.

We are interested to hear from businesses, especially ex-government departments with items for disposal or sale.

Business Relationships

Our strength is building sustainable global business relationships. We have a team of people with a history of successful business development and expertise within Australia and overseas. It is our aim to secure long term business relationships between buyers and sellers of a range of commodities and business products.

Information Management

We have a team of experienced IT consultants who can provide end to end design and implementation of IT services including infrastructure, software and web development, database administration and solution architecture.

Please contact us to obtain a quote or to discuss your IT management requirements.

Our Services

SQL Central is committed to providing the highest levels of quality products and services to its clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service.

We work with genuine buyers and genuine sellers. Prior to engaging business linkages we screen both buyers and sellers that use our services. We work with buyers and sellers to ensure that all transactions are completed professionally and in accordance with agreed arrangements. Our aim is to develop long term relationships with the people who do business with us.

Genuine buyers and sellers should contact us to obtain our step by step procedures and information package.

SQL Central delivers complete information management solutions. We have expertise in business solutions analysis, end to end solution architecture combined with an understanding of business goals and effective information management.

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